Helpful Links

Church Affiliation

GCCBA.ORG          EBC is a member church of the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association at a local level.

BSCNC.ORG          EBC is a member church of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina at a state level.

SBC.NET                EBC is a member church of the Southern Baptist Convention at a national level.


Family, Marriage & Parenting

ORANGEPARENTS.ORG          Great articles to equip parents for being spiritual leaders in the home.

FAMILYLIFE.COM                      Tons of resources for anything to do with family, marriage and parenting issues.

FOCUSONTHEFAMILY.COM     The ministry started by James Dobson that exists to help build strong families.

ALLPRODAD.COM                     A ministry started by former NFL coach Tony Dungy to help dads be all they can be.


Bible Study

BIBLEGATEWAY.COM          Search the Bible, access devotionals, and find Bible reading plans.

BIBLE.ORG                             Lots of articles and commentaries arranged by topic and Bible passages.


Apologetics/Defending the Faith

STR.ORG                               Stand to Reason is the apologetics ministry of Greg Koukl.

4TRUTH.NET                         Apologetics resources provided by the North American Mission Board.

PAULCOPAN.COM                The apologetics ministry of Paul Copan.

SEANMCDOWELL.ORG        Worldview Ministries of Sean McDowell, the son of popular apologist, speaker & author, Josh McDowell.



CROWN.ORG                        Crown Financial Ministries provides a variety of resources for managing financial resources wisely.

DAVERAMSEY.COM             Financial Peace University is the ministry of Dave Ramsey and can help you handle money God’s ways.