Need to Know/Policies

Contacting parents on campus

When children are in our care, we utilize texting to contact parents if there is a problem with their child and need a parent to report to their child’s classroom.

Children’s Belongings

When bringing any belongings with a child, such as a diaper bag, sippy cup, pacifier, blanket, etc., please make sure all belongings are labeled with the child’s name.

Safety & Security

Good Shepherd guidelines

Our Good Shepherd Guidelines help us provide a responsible and safe environment for our children.  Each of our volunteers is required to complete an application and screening process which includes a background check.  Each volunteer is also required to read and agree to follow all guidelines and policies of the children’s ministry.  You can request a copy of the Good Shepherd Guidelines in their entirety from the Minister to Children.

Child drop-off & Pick-up

When dropping off a child in his/her classroom (for Sunday School or worship care), the parent/guardian will receive a ticket with a code that is specific to the child.  Upon picking up the child, the parent or whoever the parent sends to pick up the child, must present the ticket to the classroom leader in order to leave with the child.  If the ticket is lost and unable to be presented, the person picking up the child must present photo ID and be listed on the child’s EBC Kids registration form as someone authorized to pick up the child.

Injury & First Aid

Any and all injuries will be reported to parents.  Our staff and volunteers can administer only band-aids and ice packs in case of injuries.  Injuries requiring further care will be reported immediately to the parents.

Wellness Policy

We desire to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for all of our kids and volunteers.  Our Wellness Policy is intended to prevent and minimize the contraction and spreading of infectious diseases.  Please click here to see our guidelines.