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What Is It?

Storing Treasures is a financial stewardship program designed to help participants develop a personal, biblical and practical financial plan.  Participants will learn biblical principles for giving, saving, debt reduction/elimination, and future planning, as well discover their own “financial personality,” which defines how one thinks and behaves financially.

Participants engage in an 8-week small group study consisting of 10-15 people similar in age and stage of life.  Participants also receive lifetime access to STAFF, which is Storing Treasures Automated Financial Foundation, a web-based education platform that allows users to actually complete and maintain a personalized financial plan.

Small groups begin meeting on Sunday, March 16.  Please call the church office (704-482-6339) to register or to ask for more information.



Please take this quick 5-10 minute survey. As we discussed in church this past Sunday, this survey has been developed by Storing Treasures, whose goal is to help individuals and families realize the importance of Biblical stewardship and take active steps to financial freedom. This survey is confidential and anonymous and the responses will be used to understand general trends in our church and community.  This information will be of great value to our church leadership in order to support and minister to you and your family in the future.

Click here for the survey!