What is baby dedication?

Baby Dedication is both an event and a process that focuses on celebration and commitment.  Together we (church and family) celebrate the new child and thank God for His wonderful gift.  Together we commit ourselves to God to teach and nurture the child in faith.  The commitment is one of the church and one of the parents, but not one of the child.  The child will have his or her opportunity as he or she grows older and is able to personalize faith in Jesus.  While we look forward to that day, we recognize that there is much instruction, nurture, prayer and love to give and life to be lived before the child is able to make that decision for Jesus.

How does it work?

Each family is recognized at the 11:00 worship service on Sunday. There will be a brunch prior to the baby dedication service for the families participating.  

When will it be?

Generally, we do Baby Dedication two to three times a year, in the Spring and in the Fall.  

Why have baby Dedication?

The Bible says in Mark 10:16 that parents brought their children to Jesus to be blessed by Him laying His hands on the child and offering a spoken word of blessing.  Even long before this, there is a history of godly parents presenting their children to God, asking for His blessing.  Likewise, parents today present their children to God in the presence of His people to ask for God’s blessing as well as to commit themselves, in partnership with the church, to love and nurture their children in Christian faith.

Are you ready to make this commitment?

As you prepare for this dedication, there are several questions which will help you in considering how you can best commit and dedicate yourselves to be the parents God desires you to be.

First, Baby Dedication is an act of faith in God.  It is a covenant with God and His church to teach and nurture your child.  So, the first question to ask is, “Am I a Christian?”  To dedicate your child to God, you must first be dedicated to Him and possess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
The next question is, “Are we serious about this dedication?”  You should ask yourselves if you truly want to see your child serve God.  If not, it’s better not to make such an oath before God.
The third question is, “Are we willing to oversee our child’s spiritual development?”  That is God’s call on your life as a parent, and no one has more influence over a child’s spiritual development than a parent, for good or for bad.  So, you must be dedicated to modeling a growing relationship with Christ, living a holy life, and worshiping and ministering through involvement in a church family.  It means giving your child opportunities and encouragement to grow in knowledge and in faith in God and to become the person God intends for him or her to be.
It does not mean, however, that you will or you must do it perfectly, because you will not.  Nor will our church or its leaders be a perfect partner.  As we make this commitment together, we recognize whole-heartedly that we need God’s help.  We need His grace.

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