Senior Adults

"Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old."

   Job 12:12

The more than four hundred fifty seniors of Elizabeth Baptist have boldly survived and are victorious over two years of COVID 19.  The unsettling event of our current world have only served to UNITE and strengthen the bond of love and trust we have in Almighty God and in our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.  We demonstrate our faith in God through fervent prayers, words of encouragement which embolden us in faith and service, and in many acts of care and support within and beyond the church membership.

Because we keep our eyes on Jesus we always have HOPE.  As we find God to always be true we boldly follow Him in obedience.  Because Jesus first loved us we are able to truly love one another.

As we follow the leadership of Pastor Rit Varriale and the EBC staff, we worship fellowship and mature in ministry and service

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